Selfless request sees Aurora BioScience donate Ice Cold Gloves and Socks

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Selfless request sees Aurora BioScience donate Ice Cold Gloves and Socks

Selfless request sees Aurora BioScience donate Ice Cold Gloves and Socks as new Supportive Care management for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.

Aurora BioScience, a leading and respected medical device company, recently received a generous request from a patient, wanting to purchase Ice Cold gloves and socks to donate and help alleviate the side effects and potential nerve damage for patients undergoing chemotherapy.


Alana Hugo, who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, knows first-hand what undergoing chemotherapy treatment entails and the debilitating side effects that can come along with it. A study published in The Journal of Clinical Oncology[1] revealed that onycholysis (separation of a fingernail or toenail from the nail bed) and skin toxicity occurs in approximately 30% of cancer patients treated with the chemotherapy drug Docetaxel.  The study concluded that frozen gloves significantly reduce the nail and skin toxicity, as well as potential nerve damage associated with chemotherapy treatment, therefore providing a new tool in supportive care management to improve a patient’s quality of life.


“The nausea, fatigue and hair loss associated with chemotherapy treatment is a lot to endure, but you do what you have to. The thought however of potential nerve damage especially in my hands, prompted me to take the advice of my doctor and purchase Ice Cold gloves and socks from Aurora BioScience, to wear during my infusions.” said Alana.


She continued, “I’m a maker – I use my hands bake, sew, knit, stitch and arrange flowers, but most importantly, I have the 10 chubby little toes and two squishable little thighs of my son to squeeze. How will I play ‘ring-ring’ with his leg and answer his ‘foot-phone’ if I can’t use my hands? Cancer and chemo can and will take so much from you, but not being able to play with my baby’s golden curls, even short term, is a thought I simply refuse to entertain.”


After weeks of purchasing ancillary items for her treatment such as scarves, eye pencils, sunscreens, mastectomy bras and more, Alana found herself having to prioritise these items on top of out-of-pocket treatment costs, which seemed near impossible.


“It then got me thinking about others. I decided to approach Aurora BioScience and purchase Ice Cold gloves and socks to donate so other patients going through chemotherapy could benefit from them aswell. It’s an absolute luxury to be able to try and mitigate the risk of losing a little more to this stupid disease. My hope was that by sharing these life changing gloves and socks, even if for just one other man or woman on this ‘freight train’ of a journey, it would help take the stress out of having to make a cruel choice.” 


“Aurora BioScience is dedicated to sourcing and supplying innovative medical products with a goal of improving patient treatments and outcomes. By ensuring access to best medical technology, we hope to enhance the way medical professionals within Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands improve the lives of their patients.” – stated Darren Banks, Managing Director Aurora BioScience


By reaching out, Alana kickstarted a movement at not-for-profit, comprehensive cancer hospital Chris O’Brien Lifehouse in Camperdown, Sydney. With the donation of a freezer from the Sydney Breast Cancer Foundation and The Good Guys, patients are now able to use the Ice Cold gloves and socks at the centre.


“We were so moved by Alana’s determination to help others undergoing chemotherapy treatment by selflessly purchasing Ice Cold gloves and socks to donate to those in need, that we decided to donate additional units in support of her cause. She’s an incredible inspiration.” said Nicky Woolfson, Marketing Manager Aurora BioScience.


There are many ways to pay it forward, from raising funds to help hospitals purchase the Dignitana Delta Scalp Cooling device to donating a Cancer care gift. How can you help? For more information on our products and services, visit    

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[1] Reference: Journal of Clinical Oncology 23:4424-4429. © 2005 by American Society of Clinical Oncology