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  • Cancer and Gut Health

    Cancer and Gut Health

    While cancer treatments are highly effective in targeting bad cells, they also damage good cells within the stomach and gut resulting in severe GI distress.

  • Beautiful Gifts for Loved Ones

    Beautiful Gifts for Loved Ones

    We have put together a selection of thoughful gifts to chose from for a loved one. Show them your support through their cancer treatment.

  • Cancer and Cold Therapy

    Cancer and Cold Therapy

    A small study suggests that wearing frozen gloves and socks for 90 minutes after Taxol chemotherapy can help control neuropathy symptoms*

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Looking after your hair while undergoing chemotherapy

Chemotherapy may cause scalp irritation, make the hair dry, brittle, and more difficult to manage. Handling your hair gently during treatment and for several months after you complete your chemotherapy regimen may help reduce the amount of shedding and maintain your hair quality. Scalp cooling is a proven way to reduce hair loss from chemotherapy that has been used successfully by thousands of patients worldwide for several decades. DigniCap offers the chance to minimise chemotherapy induced hair loss for men and women with solid tumours undergoing chemotherapy. Most patients who use DigniCap will see a significant reduction in the amount of hair loss from chemotherapy. However, shedding should be expected and is normal for patients using scalp cooling. The amount of shedding experienced will vary from patient to patient.

For more information on Dignicap visit www.dignicap.com.au and talk to your Healthcare Professional about scalp cooling options for you.


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"It has great support and I would recommend them to anyone having a mastectomy or breast surgery without side incisions."


“I feel like the doctors got rid of the cancer and enterade gave me my life back"


"Works fantastic for my wife going through taxol. Zero nausea or other problems. She refuses to take the anti-nausea meds her doctor prescribed."

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Benefits of Supportive Care

While the focus is on treating the cancer, it is important to provide the necessary emotional and practical support to get through the difficult times.

Therapies such as; nutritional support, gut health, wound care and hair care can improve the patients quality of life , increase a positive mindset, lessen long term impacts and reduce the severity of the side effects.

Explore your options, talk to your healthcare practitioner today.