Made by a Woman – for Women: How the Aurora BioScience EZBra has Changed My Life

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Made by a Woman – for Women: How the Aurora BioScience EZBra has Changed My Life

Having a double mastectomy is an emotional and traumatic experience. I lost a huge part of who I am – the very essence of femininity – that part of my identity that makes me feel like a woman. Adjusting to life without breasts post-op was daunting, but I was determined to claw my womanhood back by ensuring that when dressed, I looked…well, like me. 

The hospital support staff were truly amazing, but the ‘boob pillows’ that I was given to wear, were just awful and impractical! Pinned inside your bra, these fake boobs would often end up under my chin, as they are not weighted like a prosthesis and absolutely NOTHING would keep them in place. I can almost guarantee that anyone reading this who has been through this experience, will totally agree with me! That said, when I discovered the Aurora Bioscience EZBra, it honestly changed my life.  

The EZBra is the first and only sterile, disposable, and feminine post-surgical bra on the market. It comfortably supports with the correct placement and is fully adjustable. With two wide straps across the top of the bra to prevent riding up, and two wide straps at the bottom to keep everything in place, I feel confident when wearing it. The EZbra, which is aimed at providing a better and more patient-centered recovery experience, has absolutely redefined the standard of care for post-operative breast procedure needs. I also found that the bra served as an excellent wound dressing post mastectomy, and 6-8 weeks later when I started radiation treatment. There is currently no product on the market that can secure post radiation dressings comfortably and hold them in place quite like the EZBra can.  

The great thing about the EZBra, is that you can comfortably adjust the compression and firmness of the bra to suite your shape. Available in small, medium and large, the EZBra allows for easy adjustment and fit, something I really struggled with when using conventional bras after my procedure. Post-surgery, you don’t have a lot of movement in your arms, so trying to get into a bra when you have limited movement is really difficult, frustrating and at times, painful. Because EZBra is a bandeau style, it’s so much easier to manage when putting on – you just simply wrap it around you and adjust accordingly. It’s really that simple. An added bonus is that it also keeps the drain tubes secure in the first week post-surgery.  

The EZBra has honestly changed my life and I just know it will change many more. The fact that it was designed by a woman, for women is testament to this and you can really feel it. 

Linda L

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