Breast Procedures : Post Operative Wound Care

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Breast Procedures : Post Operative Wound Care

Being a woman, we are at constant risk of breast cancer and other breast abnormalities. Breast tissue is a fast-growing, hormone-dependent tissue that is susceptible to trauma, radiation, and other environmental risks. There are many indications for breast procedures. Given the social importance, one may get breast remoulding for aesthetics, biopsy for screening, lumpectomy in case of any benign lumps and bumps, or radical mastectomy if one is at higher risk of breast cancer or diagnosed with breast cancer. There are many diagnostic and curative surgical procedures for breast examination and treatment performed every day. Every year, 13 MILLION breast procedures are performed worldwide, and yet, there is little to no information for the standard of care for post-op patients.


Nowadays patients are being treated with assorted recovery products to meet their recovery needs with no access to equipment and products which can make the healing process faster and better. They don’t have the proper understanding of what to do after the surgery and what to avoid for better wound healing. No matter the procedure, the breast tissue needs proper care and attention after the surgery. To know more about post-op care and healing, here are some tips for wound care after breast procedures.

Change the dressing regularly: Dressing needs to be changed regularly until the wound is completely healed. It can take anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks. The dressing needs to be clean and sterile for the wound to heal better. In the initial recovery phase, dressing needs to be changed by professionals in the hospital which means more hospital visits unless you have self-applying support.

Keeping wound clean: Keeping the wound clean is an integral step in wound management and care. It should be your first and foremost priority. It is necessary to change the dressing in case of any fluids and to have an appropriate, absorbable dressing. Wash it with soap and water to prevent any infections and wash off blood and pus. Follow the doctor’s further recommendation.

Appropriate wound site environment: A humid wound site environment promotes better healing and a dry environment can cause itching and irritation along with pain and discomfort. Having a dressing that can provide a humid environment without causing dryness can speed up recovery.

Use non-adherent dressing: Use of non-adherent dressing is another way of proper wound healing. Adhesive dressing can cause an allergic reaction or a medical adhesive-related skin injury. Using non-adherent dressing can help in avoiding this problem.

Avoid makeup: Avoid any makeup and chemicals around the operative site until the wounds are completely healed.


EZbra  provides the best solution for optimal wound care. EZbra Post-op support is the ultimate answer to faster recovery. It has an absorbent inner layer, which can absorb wound discharge ten times its weight and helps in keeping the wound clean. It is sterile and disposable with environmentally friendly material, making it safer against infections and minimising the need to wash.


Not only that, EZbra is specifically designed to provide a semi-occlusive structure that can maintain a humid environment. Humid and sterile infection can stimulate wound healing and tissue growth.


Wounds can become infected and irritated by the use of an adhesive dressing. EZbra is low adherent which can limit the adhesive contact. It is specifically designed to reduce dermatological and tissue damage during dressing changes. It can also minimise the pain along with preventing any further damage.


At EZbra, we understand the complications and post-op needs. Our mission is to make recovery easier for all women fighting against breast cancer and to spread awareness about how you can take better care of yourself to return back to your new normal.

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